Tootle Lab Alumni

These are very important members of the lab who have now moved on to work on new projects and adventures.

Dylane Wineland

Research Intern

Prostaglandin regulation of nuclear actin

Dylane has left the lab to pursue a Master’s in Genetic Counseling at Arcadia University

Chris Groen

Graduate Student

Prostaglandins regulate Fascin to control both actin cytoskeletal dynamics and nucleolar structure

Chris is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Windebank Lab at the Mayo Clinic

Andrew Spracklen

Graduate Student

Prostaglandins temporally regulate actin dynamices

Andrew is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Peifer Lab at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Nicole Koenigsman


Uncovering the role of Exportin 6 in fertility and aging

Jaycee Mandernach


Identify the G-alpha protein downstream of prostaglandin signaling during Stage 10B

Noramalina Munira Mohd Nazri


Noramalina helps with lab maintenance

Jonathan Wong


Jon helps with lab maintenance

Shelly Miller


Shelly performs research for credit and is assisting with studies on the regulation and function of nuclear Fascin

Kenadie Wicks


Kenadie helps with lab maintenance.

Carina Chandlee


Carina helps keep the lab running by performing lab maintenance tasks and is working with Dan to study prostaglandin regulation of non-muscle myosin II

Sweta Sudhir

High-School Student

Sweta is a high school student that initially joined the lab through the SSTP program in 2014. She continued in the lab and assisted with our initial studies on nuclear actin during Drosophila oogenesis. In particular, she contributed to our studies on GFP-Actin induced nuclear actin rods.

Sweta is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at Johns Hopkins University!

Danny Liggonegoro


Danny is an undergraduate in the lab and is working on the nuclear Fascin project.

Melia Dunbar


Melia assisted with lab maintenance tasks and assisted in the nuclear Fascin studies.

Aaron Parkinson


Aaron worked with Chris to study the novel nuclear functions of Fascin, an actin bundling protein.

Xiang Chen


Xiang is working on characterizing the cellular localization and enzymatic activities of Pxt – the Drosophila COX-like enzyme.

Chad Schuety


Generate a null mutation of Pxt by P-element excision of P-elements.

Chad is a senior undergraduate and is planning on attending medical school next year. He is currently working to generate a null mutation of Pxt, the Drosophila COX1-like enzyme, by imprecisely excising the P-element EY03052. Additionally, Chad makes the fly food and assists with other lab maintenance tasks.

Stephanie Meyer


Identifying the downstream targets of prostaglandins during actin remodeling by a pharmaco-interaction screen

Stephanie was the first person to join the Tootle Lab and is now a senior. Her initial research focus was to characterize whether and how the loss of prostaglandin signaling affects the expression and/or localization of actin regulators – she completed this screen in the summer of 2010, during which she was the recipient of an ICRU Scholarship. She is currently performing a pharmaco-interaction screen to uncover the actin regulators mediating prostaglandin dependent actin remodeling events during nurse cell dumping – funded in the Fall 2011/Spring 2011 by an ICRU Scholarship. Additionally, Stephanie maintains the labs fly stocks.