Current Lab Members

Current Lab Photo

Garrett Kimble

Research Intern

Prostaglandin regulation of nuclear actin

Nicole Green

Postdoctoral Fellow

Prostaglandin signaling and stem cells

Michelle Giedt

Postdoctoral Fellow

Uncovering the connections between Jabba and Pxt

Dan Kelpsch

Graduate Student

Nuclear actin – uncovering its functions

Low-dose aspirin and lung cancer

Emily Fox

Graduate Student

Prostaglandin regulation of the invasive, collective Border cell migration

Maureen Lamb

Graduate Student

Defining the roles of Fascin in the invasive, collective migration of the border cells

Kelsey Anliker


Fascin regulates border cell migration

Emma Meador


Uncovering the role of Importin 9 in fertility and aging

Haleigh Houston


Haleigh keeps the lab running by helping out with lab maintenance