Current Lab Members

Current Lab Photo

Michelle Giedt

Assistant Research Scientist

Uncovering the connections between lipid droplet proteins, prostaglandins and actin remodeling

Sofia Gomez

Research Intern

Deciphering the role of the lipid droplet protein Jabba in border cell migration.

Nicole Green

Postdoctoral Fellow

Prostaglandin signaling, nuclear actin, and stem cells

Samuel Mellentine

Graduate Student

Defining the specific PG signaling pathways regulating border cell migration

Danielle Talbot

Graduate Student

Functions and regulation of nuclear actin

Ashley Goll

Graduate Student

Nuclear architecture changes required for invasive, collective cell migration

Israel Wipf

Graduate Student

Lipid droplet regulation of prostaglandin signaling

Jie Li

Graduate Student

Uncovering the roles of GstS1 during oogenesis

Biomedical Sciences: Cell and Developmental Biology PhD student

Hunter Brown

Graduate Student

Defining the roles of Akr1B during border cell migration

Genetics PhD student

Anna Ramsey


Determining how heat stress impacts nucleolar structure.

Nuclear actin screen team.

Asha Alla


Nuclear actin screen team member.

Ellie Nacino


LINC Complex in border cell migration

Kaden Bex


Uncovering the role of the LINC Complex during collective cell migration